Breakfast Delights | Flavor on 35

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Breakfast Menu

A pretzel with eggs and bacon on top of a checkered tablecloth.
  • Breakfast Pretzel $5.75

    Soft Pretzel Topped & Layered with American Cheese, Egg, Bacon, Sausage, & Shredded Cheese

Two burgers on a checkered tablecloth.
  • Breakfast on a bun $6.25

    Our 6 Item Sandwich – Chorizo Sausage Patty, Egg, Bacon, Cheese, & Hashbrown inside a Potato Bun

A pancake with eggs and cheese on a checkered tablecloth.
  • Pankcake Sandwich $5.75

    Sausage Patty, Egg, & Cheese Stuffed between 2 Pancakes served with Agave Syrup

A pizza is sitting on top of a piece of paper, oozing with flavor.
  • Breakfast Pizza $5.75

    Personal Size Pizza topped with Salsa, Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Multiple Cheeses, Fresh Jalapenos

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